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Wild Ones: Native Plants, Natural Landscapes is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit environmental education and
advocacy organization.

    Wild Ones is a not-for-profit environmental education and advocacy organization that promotes
    environmentally sound landscaping and the preservation, restoration and establishment of
    native plant communities.

Mission Statement - River City - Grand Rapids Area Chapter

    The River City – Grand Rapids Area Chapter of the national Wild Ones organization was
    established in 2007. Our purpose is to promote the establishment of communities of native
    plants around homes, schools and businesses, using ecological practices. We are dedicated to
    the conservation of biodiversity through preservation and restoration of our natural areas. In
    addition, we support and organize local community efforts to develop natural areas of learning
    through the national Seeds for Education Grant Program and through our chapter’s available
    grant monies - Plant It Forward Grant.

    We are composed of a steadily growing number of citizens that possess varying levels of plant
    and gardening knowledge – from beginner to advanced. We share a common passion and
    concern for the environment and strive to learn from each other and from the diversity of
    informative programs offered each month. Visitors are always welcome to attend the programs
    and field trips; you do not need to be a member to join us as we explore our natural
    environment.  When we learn we take interest, when we take interest we are motivated to take

    We invite you to share our passion for native plants and the desire to preserve the natural world
    around us.

    Joining Wild Ones gives you access to information resources as well as the camaraderie of other
    native plant enthusiasts. A single membership covers both the River City Wild Ones (RCWO -
    our local chapter) and the national organization.

    In addition to our local chapter's monthly newsletter, members receive the Wild Ones New
    Member Handbook and the Wild Ones Journal, a bimonthly publication of the national

    Other membership benefits include participation in any and all Wild Ones chapter activities,
    either locally or across the United States. Examples of such events are seed gatherings, seed
    exchanges, plant rescues, plant sales, speaker presentations, garden tours, conferences, etc.

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 Heads Up, River City Wild Ones!
We’re having a second RCWO event this month!
This coming Saturday, August 29, we’re going to the
Wildtype Native Plant Nursery, in
Mason, MI. Founder and owner, Bill Schneider, will give us a behind the scenes tour of
the facility and will share with us what goes into raising native plants from MI genotypes.

We’ll meet there at 1:00 PM; shopping for plants can happen before and after the tour.
Wild types closes at 3:00 PM on Saturdays…
Mason, MI is more than an hour’s drive east of Grand Rapids, and
south of Lansing. The address: 900 N. Every Road, Mason, MI, 48854. (

This is a great time to arrange for ride/drive sharing with other
members who live in your area. If you’ve lost your list of members in
your zip code, let me know, I think I’ve save them all.
Feel free to ask friends who aren’t members to come along, too.
Visitors are always welcome ;-).